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Indeed it is guys. It’s been another while since I posted here, but it’s seriously fun!  It adds some spice to the game, really ^^’

I’m currently at Episode 4 now, going to record episode 5 in at some point during these next few days. I’m having tons of fun, and I’m running two mods (More Ores and Elemental Arrows). I was running IndustrialCraft, but it’s way too buggy, as I proved in the fourth episode, so I couldn’t use it. I have now started construction of New Exodus! I’m calling it New Exodus because my previous New Exodus got a little.. messy, after I tested some mods there. So yeah. This will become the new and improved New Exodus for sure!

I’ve also gotten myself a real mic now, one of them goose-neck microphones. It was cheap, and it’s really good. Sad thing is, however, that I can’t use it o my regular pc, as it is too old. -.- So I’m using my school pc for audio recording. It’s for the best though, as I can time things more easily there. I’ve also downloaded Sony Vegas 10, and I’ve made myself a little intro, and I’ve downloaded Fruity Loops 9, so that I can hopefully make my own intro music in time. But it’s haaard >.<

That’s what she said! High-five~?


Just thought I’d tell you that I’ve posted the first episode of my MineCraft Let’s Play. Oblivion was quite the bitch to Let’s Play, but I have faith in this one. It’s easy, and fun! Also, I think I’m going to merge my Let’s Playing with my audioblogs, just to make things a bit easier for me.

So, without further a due, here it is, the first episode of CorruSi’s Fun And Exciting Adventures In MineCraft – Episode 1!

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O hai, gais! It’s me again! You recognize me, right? The one who owns this blog and posts every now and then? Then more than now, of course. Yeah, I have been lazy, but truth be told, blogging ain’t what it used to be. When I first started off, this was all so new and exciting, sharing my life with an imaginary audience, believing I was sitting on ideas that would really attract attention. But let’s be serious here for a moment. What I have to offer, isn’t much different from what other new bloggers have to offer; hopes of fame and ideas that have already been tried out by someone else before me.

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Ohai gais!

Not going to say much this time, other than that I’m on YouTube now! Yeah, remember back when I said I’d try Let’s Playing? Well, this time I’ve done it – with the game Oblivion. Now I know it’s bad, and I have my settings screwed up and all that, but I’m getting there.

So, here you have the first part:

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Right, so I realize it’s been over a week since my last post, and I’m not going to lie – I’ve been busy. Well, that, and I’ve downloaded Oblivion, a game of which I have been playing the living daylights out of. I’ve also been working a lot on my infamous MMORPG-styled roleplay guild, since I’m now officially on Easter Break. Sweet!

Kittie is in Italy at the moment, giving me a call every once in a while, which is always nice, I must admit. Although I might as well confess that it is quite nice to have some time for myself for once. Now I can just relax in front of the computer screen all day, and work with what I want to and so on. I still miss the girl though <3

I’ve also tried Let’s Playing again, this time I tried playing Oblivion. Disaster. Well, I still need to use my WebCam as microphone, since the headset I bought doesn’t appear to work with my computer after all. It works wonders on my 360 though, but not my pc. Rubbish ._. Anyway, so about.. fifteen minutes out, I suddenly realized the sound from my speakers was picked up my microphone. Yeeaah.. I’m going to try aagin later this week, and this time with the sound from my speakers going through the ear thingies I use for my phone. Lovely, ain’t it?

During this week, I also hope to ‘release’ the Alpha .1 version of my ‘game’. Yeeaah, we’re totally treating it like a game. Might as well quote myself from Gaia.

Three basic classes, with a level cap at level 10. This will be the level one would normally be able to advance to the next job specialisation, but because creating all the skills will be a nightmare, and since I hope to release this sometime during next week, level 10 will be the level cap for now. During these 10 levels, the players will be given two skill points for each level up, ending up with twenty skill points in the end. Skill points can be put into different skills, which in turn have a level cap of 5. The player will not be able to max out all the skills available to him or her, but can instead choose (more or less) which skills he or she deems necessary, and can thus end up with either some strong, maxed out skills, or several weak ones.

It is all set in a small village, which will grow with each update of the ‘game’. We still have to figure out names and the likes though. A map will also be provided later on.

Monsters in Alpha .1 will range from level 1 to somewhere around level 10. The player will, during combat, have to roll a 20-sided die for him- or herself, as well as for the enemy during the post before his or her attack. What numbers the dies land on will determine whether both the player’s attack and the enemy’s attack will land or miss, and the player will have to act accordingly during his or her next post, which then will be the post in which the player attacks.
When the monster is finally dead, the player can roll another 20-sided die in the post after the monster has been slain to determine the loot received. Much like with attacking, certain numbers will end with loot, while other numbers will end with nothing. When a monster is slain, the amount of experience gained will have to be added to the profile.

Damage dealt and received are static (meaning they won’t change) unless certain skills, armour, or critical hits change this. This makes damage much easier to calculate, although there are skills that multiply damage dealt.

Also, some skills might change the die thrown, changing the numbers to better suit the skill. Other skills may require another die to be thrown. The first die, will always be the players normal attack (or attack skill). The enemies’ die is always the last one. When a skill requires another die to be thrown, or changes the numbers, it will say so, and will also say what numbers do what, as well as it’s place in the row of dies throws (For example, first die is a skill with a secondary effect, second is for that effect, and the last die is for the enemy).

In his or her post, the player will have to keep a small summary of his or her character, as well as a link to the full profile for additional information. The smaller profile must be updated for every post in order for other players to be up to date with how that character is doing, how many hit points and mana points he or she has, and so on.

Alpha .1 will also feature a simple shop system, where weapons, armour and equipment as well as other items can be bought. The player him/herself will have to handle this on his/her own, as the shop keeper will be an NPC. Upon entering a shop, the player will see a description of the shop, as well as a small dialogue from the shop keeper, and a list of items for sale, with prices. If an item is bought, the player him/herself will have to add this item to his/her inventory, equip it , and subtract the amount of gold it cost from the amount of gold owned by the player (this means editing the profile, and so on). The same goes for items sold, only the process is reversed. Sold items will not appear in the shop inventory, and will not be able to be rebought, unless said item is already in the shop inventory. Shop inventory will be changes every now and then. Gems and other shiny objects can also, at a later date, be used to buy items which cannot be bought with regular gold.

Weapons and equipment will have different levels, starting with rusty (worst) and going up towards better qualities. Weapons and equipment can also have special attributes (for example +5 fire damage). In this case, the weapon or equipment’s name will be different, and in the information thingie, it’ll list its properties as well as the new attributes.
In Alpha .1, players will not be able to imbue weapons and equipment with special attributes, but can still obtain gems and such for later use. Weapons and equipment with special attributes can still be found and bought, although at a higher price.

All classes can wear every type of armour and wield every type of weapon, but will not receive special bonuses (such as the +5 fire damage, or +10 HP) unless the class is designed to wield that weapon type of that type of armour.

If a player is caught with an item he or she could not possibly have afforded, or with an item that doesn’t exist and so on, the item will be deleted, and the player will receive a strike. If caught once more, the account will be banned. By ‘banned’, I mean, of course, put on a black list with both Gaia account name, as well as account ID (located in the profile URL). Therefore, players will always have to be able to provide a link leading directly to the point of which he/she obtained the item. Unless it is from a store, in which case will most likely receive the benefit of doubt, as I don’t think we’ll have any way of knowing, unless the payer will have to write down every gold ‘transaction’ beneath his/her profile. I don’t know.

The same stuff goes for insane amount of experience gain, unobtainable levels, or if the player outlevels other players greatly without being able to document his/her experience gain.”

So yeah. I’ve been receiving some help from helpful boys and girls on Gaia in regards to monsters and what not, and my mate is helping out with maps, names and items. It’s all going smoothly. Hopefully, it’ll work out just fine~ If not, that’ll be many hours wasted ^^’

Anyway, that is all for now, guys. I’ll try to update more regularly, but no promises~

LET’S PLAY! (Oh fun~)

Ohai gais!!


Guess what~!

I got the recording software to work! I just -starts mumbling- downloaded Fraps illegaly from PirateBay and now it sort of works..


Yes, the audioquality is as bad as ever, the video quality isn’t much better, and you can hear me hammer away at the keyboard, but it works! By the Gods, it works! How fun, right?

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Stay a while, and listen!

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Hello once again, audience!

I’m backsies! And I bring candy!

-Gives reader a chocolate-

And I bring Chapter 1, part 2! Go click the link! Go go go go go go! Riiight.. here!

I also bring.. let’s see now.. where did I put it.. Ah, here it is! Some information about my upcoming MMORPG-styled roleplay guild on Gaia! BEHOLD!!!

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Alright, so I’ve decided to at least try to make a Let’s Play of MineCraft. I’ll definitely upload the first episode here, as well as on my YouTube account (Duh?), but I’m not sure as to whether or not I will upload the other episodes here. Maybe I’ll just let you know when I’ve uploaded one?

I can’t guarantee the quality of neither the sound nor picture, but I’m going to try anyway, ok? For you guys <3

You better damn well feel special!


I don’t really have anything else to say ^^’ I’m going to Kittie’s tomorrow, and I’m staying over, so I don’t know if I’ll be posting anything for now. But I’ll definitely do it!

Hey, guys. What’s up?


During the course of my eighteen years in the realm of the living, I have come to realize that there are a few things that are constant. And here’s one of them.

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